We manufacture fishmeal from Peruvian anchoveta, obtaining one of the most nutritious products in the world, rich in protein, omega-3 and essential amino acids.

Our product is totally homogeneous, adjusting to the specific requirements of our customers and facilitating the efficiency of their processes.

We monitor from the reception of the request to the final delivery, speeding up sales times and contemplating export documentation.

harina de pescado


The sea cucumber is widely used in Asian cuisine, being a delicacy in countries such as China, Japan and Malaysia. It is of no use that we know of in our traditional gastronomy, but it is increasingly used in signature cuisine in Spain, where after being properly prepared, a membrane is removed from the inside, to the delight of all those who have tasted it. They call it “espardeñas”.

pepino de mar

FISH MAW (Corvina, Congrio)

We are direct suppliers (Producer, Exporter and Importers) of fish bladders.
Fish bladders are in great demand in Asian cultures as they are a very important source of food as they are rich in nutrients that promote human health; the bladder is considered a delicacy with aphrodisiac properties in China, for example, in Hong Kong, they also attribute healing properties to it and use it as a gourmet food. In the food industry it is used to extract collagen.

buche de corvina


aleta de tiburon

Backed by a responsible and sustainable fishing industry and a long history in the shark fin trade, Roman Seafood is a leading international company.